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froggy burger ?

Froggy Burger (Davidly - handsonic, Nico Petitdan - bass, Pablo Juanes - tenor sax) is a Berlin based trio of gentlemen playing savage music - or just the opposite as well in which core meets jazz music, and experimental crosses contemporary improvisation: three musicians stranded in the "arm und sexy" Big Apple of Europe during the 2000, after the political and social storms in Italy, Argentina, France or Usa and already known by european and american audiences for their former and current activities.
tathata ?

Tathata (Marcello Busato - drums, Els Wandeweyer - vibraphone, Pablo Juanes - alto sax) is an acoustic trio based on improvised music and free jazz improvisation. Tathata plays live usually as a quartet whit different invited musicians (Anat Cohavi, Tobias Schirmer, Chris Abraham). This trio was founded in 2008 in Berlin.
mondo ?

Mondo (Arthur Rother - guitar, Marcello Busato - drums, Pablo Juanes - electronics) was a collaboration project for experimental electro acoustic music. Pablo Juanes processed sounds from Rother´s guitar, creating a mix of solo guitar and glitchy micro electronic sounds rhythmically surrounded by the percussive way of busato´s drum set. The result was minimal, ambient, experimental, glitch, electronic music. Founded in Berlin in 2005, they played together till 2008.
organic ?

Organic (Andrea Ermke - minidisc, Thomas Charbonnel - live sampler, Pablo Juanes - laptop) was a electronics-trio with a very short but productive life. In one year they played very oft in the improvise scene in Berlin and they have made also a very long catalogue of record, many of them still unreleased. The sound of Organic oscillated between ambient, atmospheric, film soundtrack, punk and noise. The trio dissolved at the end of 2004.
come ?

Come (Andrea Ermke - samplers, Seby Ciurcina - bass & guitar, Pablo Juanes - sopran & tenor sax).
This music is the outcome of a completely improvised session. It was recorded and mixed in one night of August 2002 in the P4 Studio in Berlin with Ronny Trocker as sound technician.
exótica ?

Exótica (Pablo Juanes - tenor & soprano sax, Mariano Dubinsky - drums, Fernando Falcon - guitar, Diego Goldstein - bass) was a classic jazz quartet witch explored John Coltrane compositions, formed in Buenos Aires in 1999.