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The inaudible sounds, the unorthodox sound sources, are the available material that I used for these compositions. As "sounds from unorthodox sources" I consider a great deal of different posible samples: resonances of brocken instruments, fonetic sounds from different languages, field recordings of natural landscapes, or the sounds produced by objects in an unfunctional, involuntary, sometimes also inaudible, way (radio and electric waves, vibrations in transmitters, signals from transistors and circuits, or produced by the activity of mechanic motors. And a whole universe that constitutes the involuntary sonority of technology). I listen to this unconscious or dumb sonority and translate or transform it in raw material for these compositions.
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Like Life is a compositon that I made for the opening of the exhibition "KunstAlsLeben" (took place in the church St. Cecilie in Alsleben, Germany, in January 2004.). They invited me to compose a music to be played inside the church, where there was a burned organ, careless long time ago. I decided to use that broken instrument, to explore its broken sonority, and to combine it with other obsolete instrumens which I allready had. A halftone down out of tone piano and an old bandoneon. There are, together with the organ pipes, the soloists of this composition, while the orchestra is played by electronic sounds.